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Webdesign, programming and SEO services in Montreal, QC

Webdesign and HTML implementation in Internet sites

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Webdesign means creation and development of Internet presence for companies, organizations and individuals. Even a small company may look big in Internet, and make a better influence over the visitor of their website that the big company. In many cases nicely made websites can bring more clients to the small companies than badly made websites can bounce users from big companies and loose them forever. Therefore the clear and state-of-the-art website design is very important and will always pay back more than the price paid. The website structure and map are also of great value for the same process because in many cases neglected websites might damage the company reputation and drive back prospective clients. Simple and easy-to-navigate website design are our main goals, as well as compliance with all standards for Internet communications and source coding supplied by W3 organization.

Interactive animations and Streaming multimedia

Many companies use interactive animations for presenting products, services or their new public relation messages to the general public, and in many cases this may lead to improved website traffic, better marketing results and ameliorated overall image of the same organization. We can produce interactive animations based on Flash, FLex, and some other new technologies and make them collect information for your clients and save it directly in a database or send it by e-mail. Streaming the voice, music or video clips from cutting edge technology media servers provides excellent representation of your online products and services.

eCommerce and online catalogs

During the years we have developed many online payment platforms based on open source and enterprise editions that are secure and reliable for our clients.


We are based in Montreal, QC with more than 10 years experience in web technologies and web graphic design. Our international team consists of web design professionals in layout and image design; and high quality server and client side programmers using the latest technologies like PHP, Ajax, Ruby, XML, CSS, ASP, JSP as well using SOAP and JSON technologies for connection between multiple platforms and operating systems. All our products are CSS and xHTML compliant.

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We are proud to show our work and creating is our first aim. Please contact us for any comments or questions you have. Our major activities are:

Website creation using the latest Internet and design technologies.

PHP/MySQL, CSS, XML, AJAX, ASP programming.

Flash animations and applications using ActionScript 2 and 3

Java and C++ based realtime applications, database programming

Website and complete company identity, SEO and Internet marketing