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Creating a website and implementing HTML code, and putting this website online are the first steps to take before starting a new business website in Internet. Many online retail store began their activites on the Web with few simple steps by just providing their content online and advancing to real Ecommerce websites designed for online catalogs. Most of their activities were recognised by the final users as online shopping and the ability to provide multiple payment options enriched their visibility and differentiated them from the rest of the website designs that did not support any options for online payment.

AbeleDesign offers complete eCommerce solutions starting with nice and elegant website design, complying with the industry standards provided by organizations like W3.org for the coding structure and conventions, secure user authorization and credit card payemnt online system that will ensure safe online transactions and lower expenses for online shopping fees and expenses.

Our customizable website design solutions contribute for the further growth of the online sales in the business area that our customers are operating, and gives a large field of opportunities that lead to increase of the online sales through the enterpise edition of our merchant software and payment solution. Many our clients have faced rapid increase in their Internet sales since they started to use our eCommerce modules combining simple design and secure interface for online payments.

Hosting these websites usually needs a spcially installed SSL certificates on the sever, and all payment transactions are processed trough secured Internet connections which guarantees high quality service and reliable operation. TNew report from Forrester Forecast show that the online retail sales will grow to almost 300 billion USD by 2013, and the steady growth of e-commerce sales will continue in the next years. In Western Europe it is expected the sales to reach 153 billion USD, while this amount was 93 billion for 2009. Statistics show that for 2009 917 billion USD were influenced by theWeb, and three categories represented 44% of the online sales for computers, apparel and consumer electronics.

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